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New Patients at Wrexham Osteopath 

New Patient Appointment at Wrexham Osteopath
  • All Osteopaths Are Fully Qualified
  • Every Treatment Begins with Discussion
  • Examination Usually involves some Undressing
  • Osteopathic Treatment Varies from Person to Person

All Osteopathic treatment is carried out by a fully qualified, registered osteopath. Good treatment requires a good diagnosis to be made by the osteopath, so the initial part of every New Patient Appointment involves some discussion about the location of pain, when it started and how it affects your daily life.


This is followed up with questions about your past medical history, medication, general health, bodily systems, blood pressure, diet and lifestyle.​

Rear view, the man holds his hands behin

Examination typically involves undressing to your underwear so that the osteopath can see any bony landmarks and assess their movement, so it is advisable to bring a pair of shorts. If you would rather remain fully clothed, that is absolutely fine. Your comfort is our priority.

Orthopaedic tests are what professional clinicians use to help determine an orthopaedic diagnosis. These mostly involve the osteopath moving parts of your body and asking if you feel any pain or discomfort. It is important for the osteopath to know if something hurts as that can help with the diagnosis.

Osteopathic Treatment

If two people present with the same problem, they might get completely different treatment from the osteopath as every treatment is completely bespoke for that individual, based upon the findings and diagnosis.

Osteopathic treatment at Wrexham Osteopath typically includes gentle joint mobilisation, stretching of muscles, soft tissue techniques to release muscles and nerves and advice on exercises to speed up your recovery.

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