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What's An Osteopath and What Do Osteopaths Treat?

Osteopathic Treatment of Hip Osteoarthritis and Knee Ligaments at Wrexham Osteopath.
  • Expert in Anatomy and the Human Body
  • Detects Injuries in Muscles, Bones, Nerves and Ligaments
  • Looks at the Whole Body, Not Just Area of Injury.

Osteopaths are experts in anatomy and the human body. An osteopath is someone who is highly qualified to detect injuries in muscles, bones, nerves, ligaments and tendons by moving, stretching and pressing.


X-rays are rarely needed for an osteopath to make a diagnosis because osteopaths rely more on their clinical expertise.

Palpation of the spine at Wrexham Osteopath. Erector Spinae Hypertonicity can be palpated.
What Do Osteopaths Treat?
  • Low back Pain

  • Joint Pain

  • Arthritis

  • Minor Sports Injuries

  • Sciatica

What does osteopathic treatment involve?

Osteopathic treatment is based around the diagnosis made by the osteopath, so treatment is completely bespoke for every individual no matter how similar two persons symptoms appear to be.


Generally osteopathic treatment includes a variety of specific muscle stretches, gentle joint mobilisation techniques, advice on stretching and strengthening exercises.


Osteopaths take a detailed case history and look at the whole body, not just the area of injury to figure out exactly what is going on and how best to treat it.

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