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Sports Massage at Wrexham Osteopath

Available on Thursdays

Price: £50 For Every Session

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What is Massage?

Massage therapy is a manual hands-on treatment designed to relax, relieve, revitalise and revive the soft tissues of the body. The overall objective of Professional Sports Massage is to promote healing in people experiencing discomfort and soreness.

Unlike different types of Asian Massage such as Thai Massage and Chinese Massage which involve a form of yoga-like stretches, Professional Sports Massage is perfect for people with achy and stiff muscles, particularly after spending a lot of time in work or doing a strenuous sporting activity.

Sports Massage at Wrexham Osteopath is performed by our professional  Soft Tissue Therapist Ade Robson, an experienced, qualified Soft Tissue Therapist from London who has treated many people with all sorts of aches and pains in top clinics in the South of England. Ade will work with you to determine the correct, most effective and comfortable pressure you need for your massage to be most effective.